Carly Thomas
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Up This High (2009)

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Carly Thomas Sophomore studio album - recorded in Vancouver, BC with her band, The Gentle Ladies.

Track listing:

1.Drive Me Home 03:23
2.California 04:18
3.Fishface 04:18
4.By Your side 04:07
5.Every Night's a Party 04:12
6.Miles Above 04:32
7.New York 03:12
8.Untie Me 04:27
9. Northern Lights 09:28

"With a very pleasant, 'gentle' sound, Up This High delivered by Carly Thomas and the Gentle Ladies will bring you through stories of lost love and powerful adventures. You'll be listening to the song "Northern Lights" in the car late at night on a long road trip, or "By Your Side"'s upbeat rhythm at your summer barbecue.
Sit back and let her take you on a journey with a masterful mix of instruments, from piano to cello."
-CDBABY Review

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Recorded at the Armoury in Vancouver, BC. A labour of love and second release for Carly.
released September 9, 2009 license

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