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Explode EP

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Explode EP (2014)

Track Listing:

Sink Or Swim
I'll Find An Ocean
The Montreal Train Song
Lightning Bolts

Written in friends’ living rooms, an 18-wheeler delivering bubble-gum, on transcontinental flights, and beaches on both coasts, the songs were born on the road, although Thomas doesn’t define them as “road songs.”

“I often think that I have so much more perspective when I’m in a new landscape and I can create some time and space to reflect,” she explains. “Obviously The Montreal Train Song has that definite movement about it, but it’s also about trying to settle into a new experience.”

Though the title track itself was written when Carly was still living in BC, Explode is a collaboration of talent that came together in the time it was meant to. It features work from Ken Ross on bass guitar, who Carly met while touring eastern Canada with Sarah Smith. They became great friends and work together often. Matt Varey, who is also part of local band The Affair, recorded all the drums on the album. Noah Battaglia, introduced by family friends, plays violin on the record. Mike Ge, from London’s Blackwood Honeybees, also plays stand-up bass on the eerie Lightning Bolts, including bowing the gritty growl you hear in the chorus. Thomas co-produced the record alongside Michael Marucci of Sonic Zen Studios. Marucci engineered and mixed the tracks, then sent them to Siegfried Meier at BeachRoad Studios to be mastered.

Though Carly is currently playing with new band members, guitarist Patrick Dryburgh has been a consistent force in the project. Dryburgh played all of the electric guitar on the EP – an extension of the intense collaboration and friendship they have shared since Carly’s return to London. They met at The London Music Club’s open mic night, after Pat played a cover of Death Cab for Cutie’s song Transatlanticism.

Explode is an appropriate title, given that it is the beginning of an explosion of material that has been pent up for too long. With this alignment of preparation, opportunity, and a great team of artists behind her, you can expect Explode to be the first of many new releases by Carly Thomas!

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