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The entire Carly Thomas collection, signed and shipped anywhere ! With this version you get all of the studio releases, a new lyric insert for "Explode", and a download of her first album "Distance" recorded in 2003! VERSIONS, EXPLODE, UP THIS HIGH, & DISTANCE. You're now my favourite ;)

Versions is a collection of original songs revisited.
"I've been touring with all of these songs across Canada and beyond for the past few years, and they always seem to grow as I grow, and move with me through all the experiences that this life has offered me. Some of them take me back to moments I had when I was first writing them, when they were just sprinkles of ideas dancing around in my mind. All of them stir up emotions for me still, of places I have been and people that I have shared time with along the way. I wanted to capture an intimate version of these songs, as if I was playing them in front of the fireplace, and experiencing the beauty of where they have ended up, and where they came from.
Recorded in October 2017 at Second Records in St Thomas, with the incredible Denis Gauthier.

With this pre-order you are backing the production and completion of the "Versions" project, AS WELL as the production of the new album in the works. This is a limited time deal to move some inventory and directly fund Carly's new album that is in production. Thank you so much for your support, it really does mean the world and helps me continue to create music, and release more and more material. Enjoy your Versions :)

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